Best Questions to Ask Your Life Coach | Life Coaching FAQ

If seeing a life coach is one of the first steps in your journey to discover the power that you hold within yourself, then you are on the right track. But this situation can be a little bit overwhelming, frustrating and confusing if you have not experienced coaching before.

In this article, the Frequently Asked Questions or the FAQs are designed to give people an idea on what a life coach is, how to find the right one the suits you and what can you expect from the sessions. If you need more help, do not hesitate to contact your nearest life coach for more information.

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What is a professional life coach?

A professional life coach is a trained expert who guides and helps people meet, make and exceed their professional and personal goals that they set for themselves. They support the clients in their journey to rediscover their strength, skills and abilities.

It includes excelling in their workplace, becoming fulfilled and happy in their home, explore their potential, manage health conditions like ADHD or mental illness and achieve their life ambitions. By utilizing specific techniques based on psychological principles as well as intuition, these professionals empower their clients and provide necessary tools of teachings to face challenging problems and overcome emotional issues with confidence.

Life coaches will not tell you what you need to do; there is a big chance that you already know the answers that you are looking for. What they do is to provide an empowering and objective environment, instead of indoctrination and instruction.

Where can you find information about this industry?

How did coaching become a legitimate industry? How successful are these professionals today? To answer these life coaching questions, you need to do your due diligence and research everything about this industry on the internet.

What happens during the sessions?

Sessions on life coaching usually last between 40 minutes to one hour depending on the professionals that you choose. Usually, after the initial assessment, the course will be conducted over the telephone, over the email or face to face meeting using Skype or other instant messaging applications.

During the sessions, the coach will ask you some questions like what you want to achieve in your life, where do you see yourself in five or ten years, or what are your goals in life. Although they will work with you, it is sometimes up to the clients to reflect or challenge specific ideas that you think of to help you move forward.

You are not forced by these professionals to make any hasty decisions that you do not feel comfortable with. These sessions will be confidential, allowing the clients to explore their thoughts as well as their feelings privately in a safe environment.

Life coaching is seen as a partnership between the clients and the professionals, who will encourage them to explore all the possibilities to make a change in their life based on their aspirations. These professionals also offer support as well as feedback to help the clients stay focused on their mission and goals in life. They occasionally set a task or objectives to be done outside the scheduled sessions.

What is Neuro-linguistic programming?

NLP or Neuro-linguistic programming is considered as one of the most accessible and effective self-help technique to come from today’s psychology. A lot of these professionals use Neuro-linguistic programming methods to help clients reprogrammed their pattern of behaving and thinking.

Neuro-linguistic programming works based on evaluating the client’s perception of what is happening in the world and adapting their reactions and behavior to make sure that they live in a desired and pleasant environment.

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How is it different from counseling?

The focus of life coaching is on the client’s present and conduct necessary sessions with the future and make it as the central point to inspire personal development as well as self-improvement.

On the other hand, counseling is a form of therapy that is associated with assessing the individual’s present issues and working to know the past events that contributed to their current struggles. Counselors will develop necessary coping mechanisms as well as strategies for their clients to move on with their lives.

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